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Tishrei 5780
Oct 16-21 2019



Yizkor Services: Services, for Shimini Atzeret, will be held Monday, October 21 at 8am. While services will be held regardless, we would like to have 10 people present for a minyon to say kaddish. Please email Joel Barach, if you can commit to coming.


Simchat Torah Services, including torah reading by Jonathan Katz, will be held Monday, October 21 at 7pm, provided we have ten people attending. So far, Jonathan and Terry Katz, Chuck Jacobs, Dan Savin, and Joel Barach are planning to attend. If you can commit to coming, please email Dan Savin at so we can get a count.

-Dan Savin


The Kohelet Board is grateful to everyone who helped make our High Holy Days so successful and meaningful this year.

Special thanks to all of our service leaders: Jonathan Katz, Rick Brody, Steve Kapnik, Steve Berson, Dan Savin, Daniel Hettleman, Chuck Jacobs, Neiel Baronberg, Ed Davidson, Judith Cohen, Diane Pincus, and Jeffrey Zax, and to all our Torah and Haftorah readers, candle lighters, ark openers, and other helpers.  Thank you to Judith Cohen, Jonathan Katz, Ron Rabin, Betty Mitchell, and Jeff Zax for inspiring remarks.

A huge thank you to the High Holy Days services committee: Robyn Jacobs, Daniel Hettleman, and Jonathan Katz for a job well done.  Thanks to Jill Levy for taking care of all of the meals, to Phil Weiser for snacks, to Steve Cardin for childcare, to Ed Stein for our beautiful program, to Eliana Hettleman for the amazing artwork, to Debra Flitter for gorgeous flowers, to Ed Davidson and Jonathan Katz for shofar-blowing, and to our intrepid set-up and take-down team.

Special thanks to Susan Berson for her advice and, ABOVE ALL, to Aviva Siegel for making it happen!

Finally, thank for to all those who did not have a specific assigned duty, but who helped by putting away tables, chairs, and books. We could not have done it without any of you.

We couldn't have welcomed in 5780 without our marvelous, participatory community.  Thank you, everyone (including those we may have inadvertently missed)!

-The Kohelet Board



We loved seeing you at High Holidays services and meals. If you have not yet paid your fees, please do so as soon as possible.  You can send a check to Judith Cohen at:

1489 Steele Street #212
Denver, CO 80206

Thank you!!!

-Susan Berson


The spring mechanism, to ensure closure of our front entry door, requires that you let it slam shut from a significant open position.

Please do not obstruct the closure or be sure the door is closed behind you if you happen to interfere with or limit the swing of the door.

This is extremely important for the security of our building.

Thank you,

-Neiel Baronberg

Sun., Oct. 20, 1-2:30 pm

On October 20, Caryn Aviv, Rabbinic Candidate from Judaism Your way will be doing 2 workshops at Kohelet. Kohelet members and friends are invited. From 1:00-2:30 pm, Caryn will talk about How to Plan a Bar/Bat Mitzvah for your Child Without Going Crazy.
Sun., Oct. 20, 3-5 pm

What does it take to forgive someone who has hurt us?  What does it take to look at the impact of our actions and words, and ask for forgiveness of someone we’ve hurt?  This 2 hour workshop will explore both sides of  teshuvah - the Jewish concept for relational repair after a harm has occurred.  Each of us carries within us the sacred capacity for growth through  teshuvah.  Through group discussion, Jewish text study (in English), journaling, and poetry, we’ll navigate how  teshuvah can prompt change and healing, and can offer us freedom.  

Caryn Aviv, Rabbinic Candidate
Judaism Your Way

Traditionally, Jews immediately begin to build their sukkahs after breaking their fast, in preparation for the next holiday in the Jewish calendar which begins Sunday night.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News  

The sounds of banging and clashing poles filled the air in certain neighborhoods in Israel on Wednesday night as Jews began building temporary huts in honor of the next holiday in the Jewish calendar – Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles – which begins Sunday evening.

Having atoned for their sins on Yom Kippur, Jews traditionally want to begin afresh by immediately fulfilling a commandment, so after breaking their fast, families began hauling out of storage all the parts that constitute their sukkahs, as the huts are called in Hebrew. The sides can be made of wooden boards, or metal poles attached to large, colorful cloths, with bamboo mats spread on top as a roof.

Electric screwdrivers, hammers, and even saws are used to put it all together, after which children (and adults) decorate the sukkahs with posters, paper chains, tinsel, and even tiny lights that remind many immigrants of a different holiday, celebrated in the winter-time by their Christian neighbors.

Building these sukkahs can be a lot of fun, but as usual when power tools and climbing are involved, there is an element of danger. Magen David Adom has put out a list of safety warnings on such matters as how to deal with electricity (in constructing the huts and installing lighting), ensuring the stability of the structures, and taking care while standing on ladders, which is necessary to connect the roofing.

Sukkot, celebrated for a week, is one of the three pilgrimage festivals where Jews are enjoined in the Bible to come to Jerusalem. The holiday commemorates how God protected the Jewish people for 40 years after they left Egypt, as they lived in temporary shelters in the desert before entering the Land of Israel.

It is also the only holiday during which Gentiles were invited to celebrate with the Jews by coming to the Temple.

In a nod to this tradition, the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem has brought thousands of Christians from around the world to Israel’s capital for the past 39 years for an annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration that includes a Jerusalem March to the Old City in support of Israel.

-Joan Baronberg
No one signed up for Setup/Cleanup this week.... volunteer here
9:15 AM 

October 19

Io Loechell
To sign up for leading Shabbat services; Torah reading or dvar discussion; or Shabbat setup/cleanup, click HERE
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